Temporarily Closure Getz Pharma Factories & Head Office in Karachi

Getz Pharma has announced the temporary closure of its head office as well as factories in Karachi for the purpose of testing all of its employees and their families for COVID-19.

The company has trained around 56 employees, including senior managers and directors, in using the FDA approved testing kits.

The first session of COVID-19 tests has estimated to be completed by 28th of April,

Getz Pharma’s head office and factories will be open for testing purposes only for the staff & their families.

Only tested negative employees will be allowed entry into the facility & those who are found positive, will be sent home for self-quarantine and they will be paid leave after being counseled by trained counselors.

Getz Pharma has also announced that they will be tested again after 30 days and accordingly will be allowed back into office.

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