430,000 Corona Suspects: People who have traveled to the U.S. after the “OutBreak”

“Over 430,000 citizens/residents has landed the United States on direct flights from China after the mysterious outbreak of coronavirus”

In January, before the broad screening was in place, there were over 1,300 direct passengers landed from China to the US, which was carrying around 381,000 travelers that month, about a quarter of whom were American, according to data from the Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration.

In addition to that, there various untold numbers from China on itineraries that first stopped in another country. While actual passenger counts for indirect fliers were not available.

The Trump govt has imposed its first travel restrictions related to the virus on Jan. 31, one day after the WHO declared the outbreak a global health emergency. In a presidential proclamation, he barred foreign nationals from entering the country if they had been in China during the prior two weeks. The order exempted American citizens, green-card holders and their noncitizen relatives.

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